Share what you know

Your story has the power to teach than any professional career writer’s advice does — so tell your story (it’s okay if you are currently unemployed) and let your experience help someone else.

Why are true stories powerful?

  • When you say ‘here’s what happened to me’ instead of ‘here’s what you should do’ people listen in an open-minded way that they don’t as soon as you start telling them what to do.  When we go into advice-giving mode, we usually use the word ‘should’ and that’s when people stop listening.  As the song goes, “don’t should on me and I won’t should on you”.
  • True stories are memorable and engaging! So tell yours as you might share it with a close friend when no one else is listening.
  • True stories are personal just as our work lives are personal too. We take them personally.

An example:

  • weak: You should always spell-check your college application essays.
  • strong: My first choice MBA program (College of Business at Washington State) rejected me and I later discovered that my application essay contained multiple typos, ouch!

Please note that all interviews are anonymous, because we want you to speak your mind freely (we ask for your name and e-mail only to help us communicate with you if necessary). However, if you want us to share your interview with name and photo, we’ll gladly do it.

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