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How to Revamp Your Resume: A Step-by-Step Demo: On-Demand Webinar

Are you ready to take your job application to the next level and land your dream job? Watch our latest webinar, where we dive deep into the art of resume building and help you create a resume that not only looks professional but also stands out from the crowd.

Our speaker, Marcie Wilmot, brings a unique perspective to the table, backed by years of experience in revamping and creating resumes for a diverse range of individuals. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of what makes a resume successful, our expert is ready to walk you through the entire process, step by step.


In this interactive session, you will learn:

Professional Aesthetics: Discover the secrets to crafting a resume that looks sleek, organized, and professional, ensuring that you make a great first impression.
Standing Out: Learn how to make your resume pop and grab the attention of recruiters and hiring managers amidst a sea of other applications.
Tailored Content: Understand the importance of customizing your resume for your target job and how to do it effectively to increase your chances of getting noticed.
Beating ATS: Get insider tips on how to optimize your resume to beat Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), ensuring that your application gets looked at by humans.
Highlighting Strengths: Master the art of reflecting your strengths and accomplishments in a compelling way that showcases your potential to prospective employers.

Marcie Wilmot, Owner of CopyHawk | SEO Writer & Editor | Published Author | Resume Specialist


This webinar contains 40 minutes of content