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Standing Out During Your Career Change: On-Demand Webinar

Career paths can evolve and change over time. As a professional, you might start in one place and later discover an interest in another field. Changing careers can be scary, no matter where you are in life or your career path. However, it can renew your passion and drive to find a career you love. Before making a move, you need to know how to prepare yourself for the change, show you are a good fit, and understand what to do when you first start in your new role. We will explore how you can stand out in your career change and what you can do to ensure your success. This webinar is designed to help you plan and make the leap from just another job to your dream career!

Learning Goals for Participants
– Learn the 4 signs it’s time to consider a career change
– Discover how to position yourself to change careers
– Review some of the best career advice for professionals starting a
new career

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Porschia Parker-Griffin, CPC, PCC, Founder & CEO of Fly High Coaching | Millennial Performance Institute

This webinar contains 45 minutes of content plus 5 minutes of Q&A