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Building A Resume To Land the Job You Want: On-Demand Webinar

Did you know that you have 7-12 seconds to impress whoever is reading your resume? If not, imagine this: you’re a recruiter for a company that has an opening within their organization. You’ve seen hundreds of resumes, and you’ve only got time to give each one a quick scan. Your eyes are darting across the page, looking for something that stands out—something that will make you want to keep reading. Courtney Wandeloski knows all about optimizing resumes for recruiters and hiring managers. Watch below as she goes through formatting, keywords, quantifiable metrics, and how to choose the information that will have the most impact on your resume so you can land the job you want!

Courtney Wandeloski, Founding Partner at Down to Staff, Cora BHS, and LaurCor Virtual

This webinar contains 30 minutes of content plus 10 minutes of Q&A