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Standing Out In Your Job Search: On-Demand Webinar

Many professionals find it difficult to secure a position that utilizes all of their knowledge and skills, while providing a salary that coincides with the value they bring to an organization. With a wealth of digital advancements in hiring, the current options are to understand modern trends and how to position yourself or be left behind. Currently, there are five generations in the workplace and each generation is associated with positive and negative stereotypes. Learning how to make an impact, regardless of your age is what puts you ahead of the pack! You don’t have to be looked at as the lazy Millennial, a tech obsessed Gen Zer, an out of touch Baby Boomer, or the lone ranger Gen Xer. The three biggest challenges people face during their job search will be explored. This is designed to help you take months (or even years) off of your job search!

Learning Goals for Participants
– Understand the main generations in the workforce and how they think.
– Learn what the generational stereotypes are, and how to set yourself apart.
– Find out the 3 biggest challenges people face during their job search and how to overcome them.

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Porschia Parker-Griffin, CPC, PCC, Founder & CEO of Fly High Coaching | Millennial Performance Institute

This webinar contains 40 minutes of content plus 10 minutes of Q&A