Email Advertising

Effectively reach your ideal audience with a branded email campaign. Target recipients based on parameters you define, such as geographical location, education level, detected areas of expertise, and more.


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Creative & Technical Guidelines

The typical Standalone creative consists of a 1-page "email-friendly" HTML markup. Our in-house team can build the HTML message for you upon receiving your text copy, logos, licensed images, etc.  If your team is going to develop the creative, please follow these guidelines:

  • Content must be related to employment and not a product that you are selling.
  • Font families used on content must be "web safe". See list of fonts allowed.
  • The content message must be phrased to convey that it is cast from DiversityJobs.com on behalf of the client and must feature the DiversityJobs.com logo
  • Keep the code as simple and clean as possible.  Email clients such as Outlook and Gmail interpret HTML differently and are less standardized when compared to web browsers.
  • The width shouldn't exceed 600 pixels.
  • Use single-column templates to make your content friendlier to small screen sizes.
  • The use of tables is supported and helpful for layout consistency.
  • Images are hosted and should be jpg, gif or png.
  • 3rd party tracking accepted as long as it's email compliant.
  • All CSS must be inline. No internal/external style sheets.
  • Don't use Javascript effects, Flash, or any other kind of Rich Media.
  • Embedded videos are not supported, although we can include a 'video thumbnail' that would hyperlink to the video location, thus giving the impression/feel of embedded video.
  • Due to rendering problems with several email clients, we do not allow background image attributes.
  • Helpful articles  Email design guidelines and Guide to CSS support in email clients
  • Set img style="display: block;" to stop Gmail from adding a margin to your images


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