Employer Account Management FAQ/Support

Currently Live Jobs –

The ‘live jobs’ tab will list all jobs currently live on  You may recall from your scraping membership, job postings do not expire at a predetermined date like 30 or 60 days.  They simply stay live on our sites as long as they are live at your career site.  So all active jobs will be listed on this page back to the date the job first went live with us.


The ‘title’ column is where you can click to see how we are displaying the full job description for that particular job.


The ‘views-applies’ column will provide you a snapshot of the number of times that particular job has been viewed by candidates on our sites, and the number of times the ‘apply now’ button has been clicked from the full job description pages.

See the overview of our Job Performance tab for a full overview of what we are displaying to job seekers in search results and for a detailed breakdown of performance on a per-job basis.

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