9/6/23 Employer Webinar: Key Data for Hiring, Retention and Compensation Planning to Close Out 2023

This webinar will cover LaborIQ’s predictions for the remainder of 2023, with a focus on how labor market and compensation trends will continue moderating to historic norms. But with a labor force that’s not growing as fast as demand, and an unemployment rate near historic lows, the labor market will remain incredibly tight and competition for talent is unlikely to let up. Despite a labor market that’s cooling, compensation demands and wage growth will still put pressure on businesses’ overall talent attraction and retention strategies.



Join Jay Denton, Chief Analyst at LaborIQ and Mallory Vachon, Ph.D., Senior Economist at LaborIQ as they provide actionable insights into navigating the labor shortage and compensation demands of 2023. Katie Coleman, Product Marketing Manager at Circa will provide some “must-have” resources that are essential to any recruiter’s outreach strategy including ways to amplify your diversity recruiting efforts.


Discussion Topics:
  • A slowdown in wage growth and impacts to hiring, employee retention and 2023 budgets
  • Hiring managers and business leaders face different challenges in 2023 compared to 2020-2022
  • Learn which occupations, industries and locations are poised to remain strong during the uncertainty ahead
  • Tools and resources for diversity hiring in 2023



Jay Denton

Chief Analytics Officer | LaborIQ

Mallory Vachon, Ph.D.

Senior Economist | LaborIQ

Katie Coleman

Product Marketing Manager | Mitratech


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