9/13/23 Employer Webinar: Building Diverse Teams: Leveraging Empowerment for Employee Engagement & Retention

Organizations prioritizing employee engagement create a culture that values and supports employees, contributing to higher retention rates. This interactive Q&A discussion explores the role of empowerment in driving employee engagement and retention.



By granting employees the authority, autonomy, and resources to make decisions and take ownership of their work, companies foster a sense of trust that motivates individuals to invest themselves wholeheartedly in their roles. This sense of purpose fuels intrinsic motivation, increasing job satisfaction and commitment to organizational goals.


Discussion Topics:
  • Understanding Empowerment: embracing Individual differences to ignite potential
  • Employee Empowerment and its impact on employee engagement & retention
  • Integrating empowerment into your DEI Strategy for lasting impact
  • Measuring employee empowerment & analyzing data for tangible results



Ashley Brundage

President | Empowering Differences

Chris Rowland

Executive Director of DEIB Strategy | Mitratech


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