9/14/23 Employer Webinar: What You Need To Know About Reasonable Accommodations

How should businesses consider the disabled community when creating DEI measures? In this keynote presentation, Dr. Abraham Khoureis, disability rights advocate and creator of the Disability Learning Model, will walk us through the life experiences of disabled people and share his insightful approach to interacting with the disabled community.



Join us as Dave Cohen, President of DCI Consulting, takes a data-driven approach to understanding OFCCP enforcement activity and trends from the last year, and how the agency’s enforcement may evolve as a result of the Harvard and UNC Supreme Court decision.


Discussion Topics:
  • DEI and the role of disabled community
  • ADA and the right to be included
  • The Disability Learning Model
  • Reasonable Accommodations and the responsibility of HR



Dr. Abraham Khoureis

Disability Rights Advocate, Pioneer Creator of the Disability Learning Model, Professor, and Forbes Coaches Council Member


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