10/24/23 Employer Webinar: Navigating Accessibility in Talent Acquisition – Part 1: Recruitment

Join Daryn Harpaz, CEO, and Juliette Alexandria, Senior Accessibility Analyst, of Zenyth Group for this two-part webinar series to learn how to make your talent acquisition processes accessible to all The first webinar will focus on accessibility in recruitment processes, including job advertisements and applications, interviews, and processes post-job offer.


Discussion Topics:
  • How to select accessible posting platforms.
  • Techniques for crafting job descriptions using plain language.
  • Accessible communication methods for job interviews and onboarding processes
  • Strategies for providing diverse communication options during the hiring and interview process.
  • Ways to leverage software and hardware solutions for inclusive onboarding.



Daryn Harpaz

CEO | Zenyth Group

Juliette Alexandria

Senior Accessibility Analyst | Zenyth Group


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