8/29/23 Employer Webinar: The Impact of UNC/Harvard Decision on DEIA and Affirmative Action in Employment

The Supreme Court of the United States ruling on affirmative action in higher education admissions in the case involving Harvard College and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is top of mind for employers. Although the decision in this case is solely related to higher education admissions, the decision is essentially in alignment with Title VII mandates on employer selection practices prohibiting race-conscious selection decision-making. Deciphering how organizational diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA) programs will be perceived by various stakeholders is a relevant concern.



Join DCI Consulting Group to learn different rationales for diversity initiatives, how affirmative action and broader DEIA matters coexist in employment, and understand the unintended consequences of DEIA programs that can be minimized by adopting evidence-based strategies.



Keli Wilson

Director of Workforce Equity | DCI Consulting

Jana Garman

Director of Compliance & Workforce Analytics |DCI Consulting


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