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How to Land a Job at a Virtual Job Fair (+ 3 Simple Tips to Success)

By now, several years into the pandemic, many of us have grown accustomed to communicating, collaborating, and meeting virtually. It follows that we must also get used to the hiring process taking place primarily online as well. This includes job fairs, interviews, negotiations, and even, in many cases, the actual job responsibilities themselves.

So if you’re personally on the hunt for a new job, it pays to learn how to navigate the virtual aspects of the recruiting process so you achieve success. This article covers virtual job fairs, including what they are, how they can benefit you, and what you should do to increase your odds of securing a job while attending one. Read on for more information.


What is a Virtual Job Fair?

Let’s start with the basics. While you may already be familiar with what a job fair is (an event that brings recruiters, employers, and job searchers together), you might wonder how it works when it’s virtual. Essentially, this just means that the job fair is held online and is accessible via a smartphone, computer, or tablet. Candidates log in, peruse the available positions, and then initiate further communication via video or chat with a recruiter or HR rep if they want to learn more. In some instances, this can even turn into a virtual interview and/or job offer on the spot.

Similar to a webinar, virtual job fairs (which are sometimes referred to as job/career expos or career fairs) take place at a specific time in a virtual space. Chat rooms, webcasts, teleconferencing, and email can all play a part in the event. They have become very popular, particularly in the healthcare, financial services, internet/software, and nonprofit sectors, and are used to fill both junior- and senior-level roles.

What are the Benefits of a Virtual Job Fair?

There are several benefits to virtual job fairs, both for employers and job seekers. For one, they are safe, which was obviously crucial when the pandemic was raging. They also have the potential to greatly expedite the hiring process – saving time, money, and effort on behalf of both parties. Unlike in-person job fairs and interviews that can take weeks to play out, a recruiter or HR rep can determine if a candidate is a good fit in a matter of minutes at a virtual job fair, leading to an instantaneous job offer. (Virtual job fairs have even been referred to as the speed dating of the job searching world.) Plus, companies can meet with literally hundreds of folks during one event alone, leading to multiple offers.

How Can You Land a Job at a Virtual Job Fair?

So what can you do to boost your chances of getting a job offer at a virtual job fair?

  • Research the Companies Beforehand

It’s important that you come across as knowledgeable and interested in the company (or companies) you speak to during the job fair. So do your due diligence before logging in. Prepare some smart questions in advance and be able to speak about each company’s culture and recent accomplishments.

  • Communicate in a Professional Manner

Familiarize yourself with the video conferencing tools you’ll be using before the fair and commit to using good grammar and correct spelling if you chat with anyone during it. Use a more formal tone of voice (rather than casual) so you appear professional and polished.

  • Practice Your Elevator Pitch

Be able to tell any recruiter or HR rep why you’re the right fit for the job. Rehearse it several times in front of trusted friends or family before the fair so it comes out smoothly and confidently in the moment, and make sure to highlight all your relevant skills, qualities, and experiences.


The big takeaway is that virtual job fairs are likely here to stay because they make hiring faster and easier for employers. But they’re also beneficial for job hunters too! So do your research, practice your sales pitch, and then go knock the socks off those recruiters and you’ll undoubtedly get a job offer (or several!) in no time at all.