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How To Land a High Paying Job Without a Degree

If you’re navigating today’s career opportunities without a degree, first understand that YOU are your “brand.” Like any good brand, you must develop skills, gain insight, and network with other professional brands to maximize exposure and profitability. To secure a lucrative job, you should work to establish yourself as an authority in your field. Incorporate these tips into your resume, portfolio, and career pursuits.

Wondering what those critical skills employers are looking for?

Even Google’s hiring team claims that university grades and GPA of potential hires have almost no leverage in their interview process. So, what exactly are successful companies looking for in their employees?

  • Flexible adaptability. The ability to learn quickly and problem-solve in the moment and quickly utilize and synthesize data across several forms of content (and no, this doesn’t just apply to tech-related positions).
  • Emergent leadership skills. Can you delegate, develop and guide your teams effectively while knowing when to step aside to let others contribute? How do you manage hardship as a successful leader?

How can you put these ideas into action and increase your chances of securing a desirable job?

  1. Build Your Skills

If you have relevant experience and abilities, some employers may overlook your lack of a university degree. Showing that you’ve put in the time and effort to learn new skills is an excellent way to boost your resume. It’s up to you to find ways to include cross-training into your routine. Investing your own money is a great way to learn new skills and gain confidence and relationships while gaining unique experience and knowledge.

  1. Develop Your Network and Foster Relationships

What matters in business relationships is how you maintain them. Keep in touch with individuals and make efforts to meet new ones. Talk about your job search or the industry with them. This might lead to a job offer or know someone who can help you access an interview with a company they work for.

  1. Practice Your Leadership Skills

You may hone your leadership skills outside of the workplace by serving on the board of a professional organization or a non-profit. You could also assist in a mentoring program or teach a training seminar.

Possessing a degree is not an indicator of your ability to perform any job. The world cares about how well you can use what you know and doesn’t worry about where it came from when it comes to success. Soft skills like humility, teamwork, flexibility and a love of learning and relearning are critical at a time when creativity and development are becoming more of a team effort. These skills will always be relevant no matter where you work.



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