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Caption contest #5 – island cartoons


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island job cartoon
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A few words with Tom:

What do you do for a living?  I am an Area Coach for Pizza Hut in Corinth, TX.

Tom Wood from Irving, TX

Has your sense of humor ever helped you on the job? I use humor every day in my professional life.  Nothing relieves stress like a good laugh!

Ever used humor in a job search? I once went on an interview during which I found out somebody I had dated years ago worked there.  They asked me what she would say about me if asked.  I told them (laughingly) that the interview was over and that I would just save them time and leave.  Everybody laughed and we went forward.  I did get that job!

What’s your best advice for jobseekers?  It is the law of averages.  You will get many “no’s” before you get that one “yes”.  Keep pushing!  Your job right now is to get a job.  Do your work every day.

What do you find funny and not funny about job search? Job searching can be stressful and that is not funny, but keep yourself together, stay calm, stay relaxed and let your lighter side guide you.


island work cartoon
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 J.S. Gilbert



island work cartoon
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Lonely and Hungry

Wonder what’s for lunch?  Seafood, again?