Career Advice

Career Advice For The Asian American & Pacific Islander Community

The world is a melting pot of cultures and communities. Finding a community that is yours in all the way that matters is a feeling unlike any other. As a member of the Asian American & Pacific Islander community, it can be a struggle to find your footing and tribe within the corporate world. However, it is not impossible. Whether you are an Asian American & Pacific Islander student, a young graduate, or a worker looking to scale up in your industry, we have some advice to help you get your career on the right path.


  • Understand Your Identity

Weaving through the corporate industry or navigating life as an entrepreneur, one common factor is the obstacles to growth. External triggers can promote or delay your career growth beyond your capacity. And the first thing you need to learn is that while your roots are your identity, they aren’t your restrictions.

  • Silence is never helpful.

When a recruiter or colleague tries to diminish your achievements or intellectual capacity based on your cultural identity -or using a similar undertone-remember that it holds no weight and shouldn’t matter.  Most importantly, you need to be cautious and conscious to report any acts, statements, and suggestive gestures that may appear discriminative and racism-motivated.

  • Optimize your education/experience

While the rush of diversity hires may create an onset of imposter syndrome, which can have you questioning the quality of your employment, your abilities, or the validity of your experience, you shouldn’t let it. Understand the extent of your experience and education, and make sure you are confident in what you bring to the employment table. By doing so, you can negotiate for the best benefits and compensations in your employment and promotions.

  • Find Resources and Communities

From APIA Scholarships to associations like AAPI Women Lead, Asian American Architects/Engineers Association, and Asian American Journalists Association, there are progressive actions by the Asian American and Pacific Islander community globally. These associations dedicate their resources and connections to easing your entry and journey in any career. You can find what you need and optimize them for your success.


In Conclusion,

Diversity hiring is a buzz in several industries. Often organizations may select candidates in a ploy to fill quotas that make them qualify for or identify as a culturally-diverse corporation. But whatever the motivation behind your employment, ensure that you optimize your education, experience, and associations to make the best out of your career.