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Top Careers for LGBTQIA+

It’s not the 1950s anymore, yet workplace discrimination still impacts queer people throughout the United States. As a Queer person you may feel like you are out in all phases of your life except for your workplace.

Fortunately, there are several jobs that are friendly for queer folk!

The three best careers for members of the LGBTQIA+ community include gender and sexuality therapist, community organizer, and freelancer.

Gender and Sexuality Therapist

In this role you have a unique opportunity to work with Queer people and tackle a myriad of issues relating to sexuality and gender. Specifically, you get the chance to help transgender folks transition, same-sex couples work through relationship issues, and guide individuals through their blossoming queer journeys.

Typically, a gender and sexuality therapist will need a master’s degree or higher to excel in this role. This position not only allows you to express yourself as a queer individual, but also gives you a unique ability to help people who may look, feel and think in similar hues as you.

Community Organizer

Community organizers play a vital role in bringing change to communities with the most prescient of needs. The role requires that you construct social organizations, fundraise, recruit leadership and ask the necessary questions of community leaders to facilitate change.

For example, you can work as an organizer to raise awareness around the policing of Queer people. This is a significant issue within the queer community and you can play a vital role in reducing incarceration and police brutality rates of people Queer folk.

Generally, you will need a Master’s of Social Work (MSW) to attain this role. This role is a great way for a queer person to activate change and connect with people in the community.


Given COVID-19, the world of freelancing has exploded. More and more people are realizing that they can work from home, create their own schedules, and even work for themselves.

There are a plethora of roles to choose from as a freelancer. For example, you could work as a freelance writer, designer, or photographer – or all three!

In these roles, you are self-employed and don’t have to deal with corporate culture or the dictums that come with it. You can express yourself freely and choose who you want to work with. If a client is not respectful to your identity, you can choose not to work with them!

Additionally, freelancers are not beholden to any degree type. You can work as a freelancer without a college degree, making this work an inclusive space for all types of people.