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7 Top Soft Skills to Add to Your Resume

Most employers have a long wish list of desired skills and qualities they want to find in their next hire. After all, they’re searching for the perfect person for the role! But while this might sound intimidating, if you know what most hiring managers are looking for you can increase your chances of impressing them by emphasizing these skills on your resume and during interviews.

Which begs the question: what skills are employers most interested in? While there are lots of possibilities, we’ve narrowed them all down and listed below the top seven skills we believe matter most to employers. So before your next interview or resume revamp, think about how you embody these skills, and then make sure to convey that to the hiring manager. Doing this may very well help you get the job! Read on to learn more.


Skill #1: Strong Work Ethic

You might be a math whiz, a computer prodigy, or even the next Bill Gates, but if the person looking at your resume or interviewing you doesn’t get the feeling they can trust you, you’re not going to get very far. They want someone who will be honest, loyal, and hardworking. Why? Because then they know that you’ll work hard without having to be micromanaged and that you won’t cut corners.

Skill #2: Communication Skills

There are very few jobs out there that don’t require some form of communication, whether it be talking, writing, listening, negotiating, presenting, or all of these. To succeed, most folks need to be strong communicators; employers know this and search for candidates who express themselves clearly during interviews and on paper.

Skill #3: Teamwork Skills

Hiring managers consistently seek out candidates who are collaborative and able to work well within a team environment. They want assurance that you’ll listen to others, remain open to different ideas and feedback, and be able to achieve established goals when you’re in a group setting. In addition, they’re looking for folks who are adaptable and willing to change when necessary.

Skill #4: Leadership Skills

Whether or not you’re trying to attain a management position, many employers want to find candidates who have leadership qualities. This means that they’re searching for people who are decisive, confident, empathetic, passionate, and innovative. Showing that you’re a good critical thinker, creative problem solver, excellent communicator, and effective delegator will also delight any hiring manager.

Skill #5: Problem Solving Skills

When you’re at work, you’ll likely spend a good portion of any day solving problems and thinking of new and better ways to accomplish various tasks. As a result, employers aim to hire folks who think both critically and creatively. Indicate that you’re comfortable conducting research, asking questions, and developing processes that help you come up with out-of-the-box solutions to problems.

Skill #6: Organizational Skills

No one wants to hire a person who appears disheveled, disorganized, or confused. Instead, hiring managers ask interview questions about organization and prioritization to find candidates who establish smart and efficient work processes. They also want to know that you can manage your time effectively (which means that you’ll be productive and meet your deadlines).

Skill #7: Social Skills

Finally, let’s not forget about social skills (aka interpersonal skills). Are you personable and friendly? Do you know how to build and nurture relationships with clients, colleagues, and management? Employers want to hire folks with emotional intelligence who will represent their company well to customers and work effectively with teammates.

Beyond the seven soft skills mentioned above, employers also look for certain hard skills that are commonly related to computers, math, marketing, customer service, project management, and so on. While soft skills are more universal across all jobs, the type of hard skills you’ll need depends on the type of job you’re targeting (do a little Googling for more information). In the meantime, show hiring managers that you have the above skills and you’ll be well on your way to landing your dream job!