Career Advice

Your Personal Value Proposition Letter

When showcasing all the right skills for a job, a value proposition letter could be just what you need. While your cover letter typically summarizes past experiences, a value proposition letter can communicate precisely why you’re the best candidate for a position. After an interview, candidates may send a value proposition letter to recruiters to express thanks and reiterate the value they’d bring to the company.


Sending a Value Proposition Letter

A value proposition letter is typically sent to a recruiter or hiring manager after an interview. Sometimes, sending a proposition letter is acceptable when companies do not directly ask for a cover letter. However, if an application requires a cover letter, you must submit one.

You may send your letter electronically, via email, or by mail. Many job seekers have experienced success with mailing multiple value proposition letters to companies as part of a mail campaign. If you choose this route, make sure each value proposition letter is tailored to the specific company.


What to Include in Your Value Proposition Letter

Your value proposition letter summarizes lots of essential aspects of your career. Make sure you prioritize these details when writing your letter!


  • Re-introduce yourself. Let the hiring manager know who you are! It’s helpful to jog their memory and remind them how unique you are. This is the opportunity to stand out and express yourself as a future hire.
  • Talk about your skills. This is what your value proposition letter is all about. Explain, in detail, what types of skills you’d bring to the job and why you’re a valuable candidate. Think back to your interview. Is there anything you could expand on? Maybe you couldn’t list every experience in your resume– now’s a great time to list it here.
  • Talk about the job. Showcasing your knowledge of the job and how you’d use your problem-solving skills is critical in a value proposition letter. This helps a hiring manager understand that you rely on your critical thinking skills to achieve success on the job.
  • Express thanks. Thanking a hiring manager in advance is a great way to close your letter. You can thank them for interviewing you and reading your letter. If you can recall something from the interview and connect it to your skillset, it shows the recruiter that you’re interested in the position.


While not usually required in applications, your value proposition letter could be the tool you need to land the perfect job. By identifying your skills and expressing interest in the company, recruiters and hiring managers can learn just how valuable you’d be for the position.