Caleb Spiegel – JustJobs Scholarship Finalist for August 2012

Ever since I was old enough to be allowed into my grandfather’s workshop, I have loved building new things, and the process that leads to it.  I love the mental exercise in problem-solving it provides.   I love the sense of satisfaction and achievement upon completion of something that is my own.  More than anything, I want to continue this love affair throughout the rest of my life. 

With each project I completed with my grandfather at his worn workbench, my resolution and quest for greatness increased.  Every new undertaking created a new challenge, and he and I were never content until the job was finished the right way.  The experiences we have shared have taught me that if one commits to something, he must give it everything he has, and make sure that it is done to the best of his ability.  I have come to the realization that the only way to accomplish my goals in life is through my own hard work, dedication, and a belief that anything is possible.

Consequently, I have worked determinedly throughout my entire education.  I have placed all of my focus on the subjects of math, science, and visual art in pursuit this dream.  With the help of the motivation (and slight perfectionism) that I inherited from my grandfather, I treat each new assignment with equal care and consideration;
and once my mind is set, I will not rest until I have conquered it.  The only thing that remained to be done was to find the career that would allow me to use these skills I have developed in combination with this passion for creation and hard work.

Through much searching, job shadowing, and consideration, I have found that profession: architecture.  Architecture is the ideal blend of the “black and white” answers and inventiveness; practicality and artistry.  It allows one the opportunity to use several different approaches to reach a goal, and I believe it will be perfect for me.  I recently finished my first year in the Iowa State University Architecture Program, in the pursuit of a degree in this glorious profession.  The trend of hard work has been carried out into college. Thus far, higher education has been full of new experiences, both exciting and exhausting.  Yet through the adjustments I have persevered, and learned much about myself along the way.

Through the years, my grandfather and I have taken on and finished countless projects in his workshop. One day, I will inherit the tools lining those sawdust-covered walls.  But the tools I carry with me everyday are of more value than any of these.  I know the knowledge I have gained from my time with my grandfather will provide motivation and bring me success with any situation I face throughout my pursuit and realization of a career in architecture.  It is my promise to uphold his high standards of quality and work ethic in everything I do.

JustJobs.com’s scholarship program is proud to announce Caleb Spiegel as one of the seven finalists for its August 2012 application deadline. Vote for his essay (Facebook ‘Like’ and other social media sharing options in left column), and/or leave comments of support to help us with the selection process.



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  • Caleb is a good person, very passionate, and very deserving of this scholarship. He spends most of his time with his studies because his major interests him deeply. As long as I have known him I have always heard and seen good things from him. He continues to excell and I have no doubt in my mind that he will succeed. Caleb is a very deserving candidate for this scholarship. Vote for Caleb!!!! 🙂

  • Caleb is one of the hardest working people I know. He’s always been this way. Other students slack off and take breaks, but not Caleb. He works night and day to get his projects done. He is naturally talented. I have no doubt in my mind that he will be a famous architect some day. Help Caleb become what he really wants to by rewarding him with this scholarship. Vote for klove!!!!

  • Those long nights of tedious, frustrating work will pay off. With the attitude you portrayed through this piece, I have no doubt you will reach many of your goals. Good luck in the future!

  • Caleb is an incredibly talented artist and an absolutely amazing person. He is so deserving of every great thing that comes his way. I’m so proud of you, Caleb!!

  • This is a wonderful essay! I have had the FORTUNATE blessing to watch you grow into such a fine deserving young man. If I could shout around the world, I would declare you most deserving of this, and any, scholarship opportunity. JustJobs will be impressed and proud to have you as the winner of their scholarship. Congratulations!!!

  • How refreshing to hear a young man who respects all he’s learned from his Grandfather and realizes that to accomplish his dreams and goals in life he’ll need to work hard to achieve them. Many young people today are spoiled and think everything should be handed to them without working for it – a man with work ethic! With your attitude, you’ll persevere and will have a bright future.

  • Caleb, this essay is awesome, as is all of your work. Your serious dedication and hard work is always displayed in everything you do, and I’m constantly impressed by you. You definitely deserve this scholarship! I have no doubt you will be an amazing success and do incredible things in your future career.

  • Caleb, Your Grandfather’s influence positively touched
    everyone’s life that he encountered but I think none more than “His Caleb”. He would have been so very proud of you for all
    your personal and academic achievements. Remember to keep reaching out for your
    dreams. Love, Uncle Steve

  • I have had the pleasure of knowing Caleb Speigel for all of his life. I am so proud of the young man he has become! He is polite, well-mannered and kind. He is respectful and helpful to others. He is very thoughtful when setting goals for himself and exhibits determination and pride when working toward these goals. Most of all, Caleb is very, very talented. I admire him for being appreciative of his artistic gift. I am confident that he will continue to stay focused and work hard while at college (and on into his career). He will make the most of his experiences to gain an education and become a successful, productive young man. He is well deserving of this scholarship, and I ask that you give him serious consideration when making your decision.

    Margaret “Aunt Margi” Heppner

  • Your grandpa loved you very much. He was very intrigued with the major you picked. He saw how interested you were in exceeding in this field and because of the respect he had for you he always wanted to hear what kind of work you were doing. You have always been a real hard worker and I know you will continue that path. There is no one I would rather see get it this scholarship.
    Love you, Grandma.

  • I have know Caleb most of his life and he is probably the most dedicated and determined man i know. He is self motivated and a perfectionist in everything he does. His Grandfather was very proud of him and knew he would go very far in this world. This wonderful essay is just one of his many talents. We are proud of you Caleb!!!

  • I have had the personal honor of watching Caleb grow into one of the finest young men I know. He is not only incredibly talented but also has an unparalleled work ethic. I am positive that he will not only accomplish any goal, project, or endeavor he undertakes; he will excel at them. And I’m certain this makes him an excellent candidate for this scholarship. However, this is not what makes me feel so fortunate to know him. It is his kind heart, generous spirit, and humble attitude that make him one of my favorite people on the planet. There is no question in my heart that our grandfather will always be proud of the man he is becoming.

    Love you, Libbey

  • Caleb is a young man that so many people look up to, and are super proud of! He works so very hard to reach his goals, and has the most amazing talent. This kid is going big places! When people hear the name “Caleb Spiegel”, nothing but the best is spoken about him. We all love Caleb and are praying hard that he gets this scholarship. He is phenomenal! We love you Caleb!

  • If i were still active in the design/construction business, I would seek out Caleb Spiegel to work with me. I visualize him as a “front man” working with clients. Great personality, bright, expresses himself extremely well, imaginitive, hard working and dedicated to his family and community.
    Walter Johnson

  • I’ve known Caleb Speigal most of my life and have had the pleasure of becoming good friends with him over the past few years. What he writes in his essay is nothing but the absolute truth. I’ve never seen anyone work harder or crave perfection more then Caleb. It shows in each and everyone of his projects. Everytime i think i’ve seen Caleb’s best work, i am soon to be prooved wrong by his next. He’s someone that will always push himself to be better, no matter what the challenge. I know that’s the way he’s going to be the rest of his life. I wish i had is god given talent and hope to some day have half his extraodinary work ethic. I can’t think of a person more qualified or deserving for this scholarship. I promise you won’t regret it.

  • Caleb has an incredible artistic mind and the skill to go with it. He inspired me to express myself through art as we were growing up. Thanks to Caleb I found my love for art. When it comes to perfection Caleb is persistent in perfection. He expects only the best out of himself. Ive watched Caleb do many great things in life and more are sure to come.

  • I have not had the pleasure of “knowing” Caleb in a day to day, personal one to one manner. However, I have know Caleb’s Mother, Maternal Grandma, and the wonderful Grandfather that has inspired him throughout his life leading him to his chosen profession. I have had the pleasure of knowing his family for over 40 years and I have no doubt that Caleb will achieve anything and everything this young man sets his sights on. I believe Caleb possess the hard working, dedicated, compassion, and many other wonderful qualities that his dear Grandfather processed. A finer man was very hard to come by. I know Caleb was a great joy in the workshop and I believe will continue on in a dedicated, inspiring manner to accomplish great things in his life. Best of luck to him as he continues on this wonderful path!!

    Karen Mitton Allison
    Providence, Utah

  • Caleb, very moving essay. I have much respect towards you and your drive for perfection. All your tough work will pay off in the long run. I always love to hear about the interesting projects you’re working on. In my opinion you’ve got this scholarship in the bag.

  • Caleb is someone who I’d want my children to look up to. He is extremely inspirational and continues to thrive for the greatest. He deserves this scholarship more than anyone else.

  • Wow, what a moving piece. I wish I had as much passion in what I do as Caleb does in what he does. You are a very deserving person and I sincerely hope you receive this scholarship.

  • This is a very inspiring and heartwarming essay. Although I have no background in architecture, I know you will succeed in what I have heard is a very competitive profession. Good luck in all your endeavors!!!

  • Caleb in a few words is devoted, talented and inspirational. Knowing him in sports and school, it was fun to see how he and his dreams changed. High school was the first time i really saw any of Calebs art work. Needless to say it was awesome. Seeing him get better over the years was unbelievable but more than anything inspiring. It goes to show that hard work really pays off. Now i attend Iowa state with Caleb and he hasn’t changed a bit. I hardly see him because he’s constantly working to better himself and his talents. I couldn’t think of a better candidate for this scholarship. Caleb will make u feel many things, disappointment will not be one of them.

  • I have watched Caleb quietly walk through childhood to young adulthood. He has unassuming mastered the skills he felt necessary and conquered the obstacles in his way. He has always been a defender of the underdog and supporter of the worthy. The example that comes to mind is 1st grade Little League. Caleb was playing first base, when a mentally challenged opponent finally hit the ball. Michael just stood there smiling, so Caleb stepped off first base ran to home and took Michael around the bases. Everyone cheering for the walk off home run. That sums up Caleb’s compassion which has never wavered.
    His hard work and dedication toward making things better is still present. His optimism and excitement he has toward “making/designing” the world into a better place for everyone is something to be proud of. Not to make mansions but safe and “green” homes for all to have. To take care of the environment while keeping it comfortable and convenient for all of us to live.
    I have no doubt that he will accomplish this goal somehow, but this scholarship will definitely make the road easier. Who knows a child better than his Mother?

  • When you agreed to be on the church board, I realized that you were becoming adult. How inspiring you have become to all the Sunday School children. Kathy Smith

  • Wow Caleb knew you were good We were proud when your project was picked to go to Smithsonian but this essay reminds me how close you were to your Grandpa (my uncle) keep it up

  • only 6 months since your grandpa died I hope I’m not too late but we asked you to be Vivian’s Godfather for a reason and this why

  • Caleb – These values, beliefs & commitments will assure your success in life. The core of your thoughts represent an exceptional maturity not easily found. Maintain the drive & determination you’ve expressed and your grandfather will be proud! Congratulations on the honor of being a finalist…it is well deserved.