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Jeremy Tran – JustJobs Scholarship Finalist for August 2012

The discipline of biomedical sciences involves far more than a mere memorization of facts; it demands a true passion for discovery of the biological world. My fervent interest in the field of biology as well as a deep respect for life highly influenced my decision of choosing biomedical sciences as my major. Although all sciences hold a heavy importance to me, the concept of life from a biological standpoint has constantly triggered a unique curiosity in my mind. Throughout my life, it has been the aspect of the natural world that has intrigued me the most. It is something that is currently known to be present in only one place in the known universe, planet Earth. The sheer rarity of our existence sparks within me an undying fascination to explore and ensure the continuity of all life.

Despite this enthusiasm for biology, my decision to major in biomedical sciences was not one without obstacles. The study of the biological world encompasses more than general biology; from ecology to microbiology, the immense size of the science forced me to decide a particular area on which to focus my undergraduate career. Such a decision to narrow my interests was difficult for I would be dedicating the next four years of my life to exploring that field. Carrying a heavy burden on my choice, I carefully weighed my options, analyzing the various opportunities unlocked by each biological science degree. After careful consideration, I concluded the major of biomedical sciences was best suited for my passion and coincided with my career objectives. This major focuses on biology from a medicinal perspective, which appeared to me as a very practical approach to the science and something that completely fascinated me.

The ultimate goal of biomedical sciences is to better understand human life in hopes to improve it. To graduate with a degree in this field I would fulfill this very objective: to lessen the physical suffering of human life. Understanding the rarity of our existence, I realize that we are delicate creatures in a universe constantly trying to drive us to extinction. From lethal cosmic radiation to vicious diseases, the odds are stacked against us. However, I appreciate the true beauty and complexity of human life to idly accept such a senseless fate dictated by the natural world.

With a degree in biomedical sciences, I will utilize my knowledge to diminish human suffering as much as possible. Through research, I will explore various natural ailments through which humans must endure in hopes to find a cure. One illness in particular that captivates me is the one all humans must face at one point in their lives, a disease wrought by time itself: aging. To me, graduating with a bachelor of science in biomedical sciences entails more than quenching my interest in biology; it is my chance to prove that despite us being a rare cosmic incident, humanity can and will survive whatever obstacles lie ahead.’s scholarship program is proud to announce Jeremy Tran as one of the seven finalists for its August 2012 application deadline. Vote for his essay (Facebook ‘Like’ and other social media sharing options in left column), and/or leave comments of support to help us with the selection process.