Improving quality of life has been our mission for over 50 years. And this commitment starts with you. We strive to enhance and simplify your daily life, while offering you the best working environment wherever you are, whatever you do.

We’ll never stop doing things better, smarter and safer. To do this, we need a diverse team of individuals who live our values – Service Spirit, Team Spirit and Spirit of Progress. If you share our sense of purpose and thrive on making a difference, you’ll fit right in at Sodexo.

DiversityJobs Interview with Sodexo

Tell us about any special programs you have to promote diversity and inclusion at Sodexo.  What are some of the benefits you’ve found these programs provide to current and prospective employees?

Our global commitment to diversity and inclusion covers five key dimensions – Gender, Cultures & Origins, Disability, LGBTQ and Generations. Within each of these areas we continue to implement programs and initiatives that foster an inclusive culture at Sodexo, drive change in local communities, while impacting the lives of individuals around the world.

  • GENDER – SoTogether Advisory Board
    SoTogether is an advisory board made up of global senior leaders who are committed to achieving gender balance, an inclusive culture and gender equality at Sodexo.
  • LGBTQ – Global Pride
    Sodexo’s Global Pride Group drives our commitment to Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity inclusion around the world.
  • DISABILITY – DisAbility Voice
    With a goal of 100% of our workforce having access to our programs for people with disabilities by 2025, the taskforce works to develop initiatives to promote the recruitment, engagement and development of people with disabilities globally.
    Sodexo’s Global Taskforce of Cultures and Origins continually supports business growth by helping to attract the best talent, foster respect, drive a culture of inclusion that promotes a deeper understanding of cultural differences and create a sense of belonging within our workforce.
  • GENERATIONS – Focus on Generations
    At Sodexo, we value the diverse perspectives that each generation brings to the workplace and marketplace. It is critical that the institutional knowledge and historical views of our most tenured employees, along with the progressive mindset of our emerging talent are both leveraged. Through training and initiatives including reciprocal mentoring, we are able to create cohesion across the generations.


We’ve seen the most successful organizations have diversity and inclusion as a top-to-bottom business strategy as opposed to solely an HR program.  How have you found that to be true?

Backed by our 460,000 employees, Sodexo’s commitment to diversity and inclusion is a top priority. It is strategically woven into the very fabric of our organization as a key business driver and has resulted in a systemic culture change for our company, employees, clients and customers.

Our leadership in D&I is critical to helping us provide our employees with the best possible work life experience regardless of age, gender, nationality, culture, race, sexual orientation or other personal characteristics.


Many industries historically have some disparity or under-representation between demographics in the workforce compared to the general population. How is Sodexo changing that narrative in your industry?

At Sodexo we work to attract, develop, engage, advance and retain a high performing workforce that reflects the communities we serve. We foster an inclusive culture that enables engagement, productivity and innovation in the workplace, all of which fuel our global growth objectives. To meet these objectives, we are committed to leveraging Sodexo’s D&I expertise as a competitive advantage in the marketplace, to add value for our clients and customers, enhance the brand, and grow and retain our business. Underpinning these efforts is our commitment to demonstrating Sodexo’s leadership as a global corporate citizen by investing in and strengthening the diverse communities we serve.