Based in Austin, Texas, Siete Family Foods makes delicious, grain free Mexican-American food. Siete is family-owned and operated by all seven (siete!) members of the Garza family. We are passionate about making and sharing real food that brings families together around the dinner table; we’re on a mission to bring people together to experience the flavors and traditions that brought the Garza family together on their journey to health. All of our products are gluten free and dairy free. Siete products can be found in thousands of grocery stores across the United States and are also available online at sietefoods.com.

Our Story

by Veronica Garza, Co-Founder & President

Siete Family Foods was born when my family helped me overcome a series of major health challenges. As a teenager, I was diagnosed with multiple debilitating autoimmune conditions that almost wrecked my life. I was fatigued, overweight, and depressed.

But with my family’s love and support, I was able to get better. Together, our family of seven (siete!) started exercising in my parents’ backyard, and we even opened up our own CrossFit gym.

We began learning about the ways that food can either heal or harm us. At my brother’s urging, I decided to adopt a low-inflammation, grain-free diet, and my whole family chose to join me for the journey.

As a Mexican-American family from South Texas, the tacos and fajitas that we used to enjoy on flour and corn tortillas just didn’t taste the same on a lettuce leaf! So I began making grain-free tortillas for my family, and they loved them. I knew we had something really special when my Grandma Campos told me that my tortillas tasted better than the homemade flour tortillas she’d made for decades!

My family knew that we couldn’t keep our delicious, grain-free Mexican food to ourselves, so we’re delighted to share it with you, from our dining table to yours.

Siete Family Foods is a mission-based company, and we’re passionate about making and sharing real food, gathering together in authentic community, and advocating for healthier lifestyles among Latino families.

Our Family Values

Before there was a Siete family in Austin, there was the Garza family in Laredo.

Siete food truckOur Siete family values and culture are a natural outgrowth of the beautiful dynamic cultivated over decades of family life by Bobby, Aida, and their five children. Our Siete Values & Culture statement is a declaration of who we are today and who we want to be tomorrow.

  1. Family First, Family Second, Business Third.
  2. Work Hard, Live Well.
  3. Passion with Compassion, Boldness with Humility.
  4. The Courage to Fail, the Resolve to Learn and Grow.
  5. Keeping It Real.
  6. Together is Better.
  7. Do Everything with Love.

Our Mission

  • Boldly build the leading healthy Mexican-American food brand
  • Embody a juntos es mejor culture: value humility, foster diversity, love people always
  • Operate with a family first, family second, business third attitude
  • Positively impact the lives of underserved communities through education, entrepreneurship, and wellness

Siete Community

A place to gather and share. Rooted in our family of seven, grown by you.

We’re celebrating our Golden Year in our seventh year of Siete! What started with the Garza’s family roots has grown into a vibrant and loving familia over the last seven (siete!) years. Each and every one of you is just as vital to this community as our founding family, and we’re glad you’re here.

Siete family

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