Shields Health Solutions is a specialty pharmacy integrator and accelerator for hospital leaders who want to provide a specialty pharmacy program that provides fully integrated, comprehensive on-site care. In doing so, Shields partners with hospital leaders on every aspect of hospital-owned specialty pharmacy creation and growth. As the company that created the specialty pharmacy integration industry in 2012, Shields now provides the fastest, lowest-risk model for Hospitals to eliminate the financial risks, execution risks and organizational risks associated with starting a new business inside a health system. From Limited Distribution Drug (LDD) contracts, payor contracts, pharmacy accreditations, data analytics infrastructure set up and more, Shields Health Solutions handles it all.


To be the industry leader providing innovative care for the nation’s most complex patient populations.


Patients come first in all that we do. We value:

  • Accountability to patients, partners and one another
  • Teamwork as a central tenet for how we approach our work
  • Integrity & Trust as the core around which success is built
  • Leadership in improving the lives of the patients
  • Kindness with patients, partners and one another