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Majoring in engineering to solve the world’s problems through policy and innovation

Nail George 2The world, throughout centuries, decades, and even the last couple of years has accumulated quite a bit of problems that range anywhere from global health to climate change. It has been in my raising that I have also discovered a loving relationship with math and physics and the potential applicability of its mechanisms to solve real world problems. The fascination of being able to make something the most efficient functioning component of its denomination is a topic that has developed in me and inspired me to take on engineering to solve the problems of the world.

Due to the dynamic scope of mechanical engineering and its primary relation to physics regarding movement and energy transfer is the reason why I have chosen it to be my major of choice. I can see myself working in a variety of fields including aerospace engineering, biomedical engineering, or energy generation and distribution. I link these topics to problems that involve millions, if not billions, of people around the world, and I want to dedicate my life serving to better the lives of those people in as many ways that I can.

To empower my selected major, I have decided to pursue a minor in Earth and Planetary Sciences because it stresses the importance of geology, climatology, as well as space exploration and Mars evolution. I believe that these concepts may play critical roles in my future career as a mechanical engineer in that they provide slight specialization in my field that sets me apart from the rest and also emphasizes my passions of safeguarding not only the sustainability of human prosperity but also the existence of a fertile, sustainable and equally prosperous environment.

In addition to my major and minor of choice, I also seek the fortune of one day being able to not only be innovative but also to be an advocate to promote positive global policies in order to initiate human social change, as this is the second half in solving every global problem. To do this, I have joined a number of groups including American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Association of Energy Engineers, Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity, and more significantly, International Business Students Global. I hope to master working in large groups to initiate and drive philanthropic, political, and scientific change that impacts both my local community and the global one.

Pursuing a degree in engineering comes with stereotypes of stark anti-social tendencies and the inability to be interdisciplinary as well as strict time management. Despite these patterns in my major, I know that I can finish my degree with the hard work, determination, and motives of changing the world that I have possessed throughout my life. For me, obtaining my degree will mark the beginning of solving the world’s problems to the best of my ability through policy and innovation. Ultimately, people see engineering as being about systems and things, but it is all about people.

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