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JustJobs Announces Scholarship Finalists – help us choose one winner!

We are proud to announce the finalists for the current JustJobs Scholarship award, which include future health advocates, scientists, teachers, social workers, and linguists.   We received thousands of exceptional applications, but we feel that these candidates showed the best combination of passion, integrity, and dedication to their chosen fields of study.

Now we need your help in choosing the one scholarship award winner!  The final selection process will involve three different factors:

  1.   outside voting (Facebook ‘Like’ and other social media options on the left side of the essays)
  2.   comments left by visitors
  3.   the JustJobs Scholarship committee’s scoring of the student’s application and essay

The one winner will be announced on Wednesday, June 5th.  Please help us with our selection by voting for your favorite essay (Facebook ‘Like’ and other social media sharing options on the left side of the essays) and by leaving comments or clicking the ‘star’ icon above the comments section.

Akanksha Arya, Biology, Towson University

Akanksha Arya_2I chose to be a Biology major because I know that everyone has struggles and that in this fight against life we have so much to lose. We need our good health if we are going to succeed in our attempts to achieving our dreams. I wouldn’t be able to tell you where my family and I would be if along with our struggles we also had to deal with the burden of wavering health. We need our physical strength to support our emotional one. This is why after I graduate from Towson University I plan on going into research to find a cure for infectious diseases like Cancer and HIV.

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Yeona, Social Welfare and Spanish, University of California, Berkeley

cal_001I have lived in an impoverished community. I have understood how it feels to go to bed hungry or worry about having enough money for transportation to school, all at a young age. I have seen first hand that there is a tremendous need for help in these places. At that time, I received assistance from those around me, but few realize how little they understand about the disadvantages that low-income children face. Children in these communities don’t have the support systems that others do, and this is exactly what inspired me to make a difference in children’s lives.

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Anonymous Student, Special Education, Armstrong Atlantic State University

aasuI chose Special Education mid-way through my first semester and am so glad that I did. I can’t imagine now going back to Early Childhood. I just have such a heart for those students who are struggling because of various disabilities (which they did not choose for themselves), and want to be able to fight for them and help them reach their full potential. I can’t imagine the elation I will feel upon obtaining my degree, because for so long, all of this seemed so impossible.

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Udo Obiechefu, Public Health, Armstrong Atlantic State University

udoThe goal of helping others and having a positive impact on someone’s well being has led me to this point. Aiding the public in the prevention of disease and attainment of optimum health is the core motivating factor that has driven me to attain my Master’s in Public Health. My core values have lead me to this point. The educational qualifications I am seeking are tools that will help me achieve my full professional and personal potential.

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Calvary Zender, Linguistics & Japanese, University of New Mexico

calvary zender_2My senior year I took German with my Spanish and French classes and, going out on a limb, I took a Japanese class. I was enamored by Japanese. By the time I received my diploma, I was a multilingual ‘A’ student excited to learn everything Linguistics and Foreign Languages had to offer me, and I decided I would start with Japanese…I can see myself aiding those outside of the US who need a court translator, and would otherwise not receive a proper hearing. 

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