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Jillian Dull – JustJobs Scholarship Finalist for April 2012’s scholarship program is proud to announce Jillian Dull as one of the three finalists for its April deadline application. Vote for her essay by clicking the thumbs up button at the bottom of the page, and/or leave comments of support to help us with the selection process.

Jillian Dull’s Essay:

How did you choose your major? What obstacles have you had to overcome and what will it mean to you to graduate with this degree?

I began my journey into the field of Public Relations because I love the strategy involved in the public perception of companies. I found myself intrigued by the messages being sent out to the public in times of crisis. It fascinated me that the wording and timing of those messages could so easily effect the way I viewed the crisis and the company altogether. I found myself wanting to know how this was possible and when I realized that creating these messages was someone’s job I was hooked. From my first PR course I knew I was in the right place. Every class is an opportunity for me to learn new techniques and to refine the ones I am trying to master, and I am always thrilled to go to class. I am constantly amazed by all that this field has to offer and truly enjoy taking on the challenge of learning all of the ins and outs.

Pursuing my love of PR took me across the country from my small hometown of Mechanicsville, Virginia to the hills of Malibu, California. It has been an incredible experience living here and the California culture is so different from the small-town Southern culture I grew up in. Despite all of the wonderful things that Malibu has to offer, going to school thousands of miles from home has been quite an obstacle. With gas prices constantly going up, plane tickets are extremely expensive and my family cannot afford to fly me home for holidays like Thanksgiving. I have missed many important events because of the distance, and was prevented from attending my grandfather’s funeral when he passed away my freshman year because I could not afford to fly home.

Learning to go through large life decisions and difficult events without the support of my family has been a serious challenge. However, I have adapted and have become incredibly independent over the past few years because of all that I have been through. I have learned to be self-reliant and to truly strike out on my own and I feel that I am much better off because of it. I now know that I can confidently move to a new city or country to pursue a job opportunity with little worry of being on my own, an advantage I feel very grateful for.

Graduating with a degree in PR is going to be such an accomplishment for me. I will know at that time that I am finally prepared with the skills I need to take on the job that has fascinated me for so long. I will be confident moving my skills into a business setting and excited to adapt and learn as I get more experience. This degree would be everything I have dreamed of for so long. It will be the symbol that I made it, and that I am equipped with the knowledge and independence to take on the PR field and know I can succeed.