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EMT aims to develop curriculum based on mindfulness and personal strength

Josie McKee[T]he Prescott College Human Development program “provides perspectives on human needs and potential while encouraging personal growth and increasingly sophisticated communication skills.” These facets of the program embody my personal development goals as well as my goals for helping inspire others.

I work as an Emergency Medical Technician and high-angle/swift-water rescue specialist for Yosemite National Park Search and Rescue (YOSAR). I have been working in outdoor/adventure education for nearly 10 years. I teach yoga and rock climbing. I have noticed a correlation in the skills that I have gained in these various professions as well as my personal life; these skills seem to be severely lacking in many of my students and people that I interact with on a day to day basis: 1. Mindfulness: the ability to be aware and attentive to yourself, your body, and your interaction with people and the surrounding environment. 2. Personal strength, the power and health of mind and body.

Through my interactions with students and coworkers, I’ve noticed that most personal and interpersonal problems arise from a lack mindfulness and personal strength. Problems always arise in the form of miscommunication, if one becomes more MINDFUL of what he/she says, how it is said, his/her body language, etc, and has the PERSONAL STRENGTH to adjust behavior, an emotionally charged argument could instead be an informative discussion. If a person has an awareness of his/her body and the environment around them, perhaps a stumble on a mountain trail, resulting in a broken leg and an 8-hour rescue, could have been avoided. These are just a couple of many examples I have encountered.

I like to see people succeed. As a YOSAR technician, I have been put through many trying circumstances from dealing with fatalities to multiple-day, backcountry searches in variable weather conditions. Through these and other personal experiences in the outdoors, I have begun to master mindfulness and personal strength, the tools that enhance growth and communication, and help people to succeed. As a guide and educator, I have helped inspire success, but I have also seen many failures. I have often struggled with how to help others understand how to cultivate more successful behaviors. I decided to go into the Human Development program at Prescott College because I want to better understand how humans learn and grow. I want to learn to be a better facilitator of success.

My vision upon the completion of this program is to develop a curriculum based on mindfulness and personal strength. I will present this curriculum in the educational organizations where I have worked, as workshops in personal growth, and within public and private schools and colleges.

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