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Educator on a quest to improve technology-assisted learning

taylor.green_250[R]ecently, I read the “About the Author” section that I wrote in 2nd grade. I wrote, “Taylor wants to be a teacher when she grows up.” I never saw myself as choosing the education path, but I always seemed to run back into it.

I entered college as an undergrad with intentions of being a Dentist. I heard I had a nice smile, and that it only made sense that with my intelligence and teeth, I should be a dentist. Within the first semester, I changed my major. I had to be honest with myself and realize that I wasn’t making competitive grades needed to enter dental school. While tough, I pursued a great alternative: high school science teacher.

After graduation, I worked for a couple of years on a Computer Science Education initiative, building CS First at Google. I had two major challenges with working in the technology sector. The first challenge was learning how to code. Without a computer science background, I felt very inexperienced. There is this immediate frustration with the code not being “perfect” or not working the way it is intended. This experience led to my second obstacle: myself.

Imposter syndrome ran through my veins like it belonged there. I spent many weeks challenging myself to feel qualified and valued. I second guessed my ideas in a room full of assured voices. I found solace in my manager who, like me, understood the stress and impact of imposter syndrome. She dared me to think differently about my work and myself.

Choosing the Technology, Innovation, and Education (T.I.E.) program felt like a great fit for my desire to educate and my experience working in a technology company that is craving for diversity and qualified individuals. I have recognized that technology is not the solution to all of the world’s problems as it relates to education, but the innovation of education has technology at its core.

At the completion of my graduate school experience, I want to understand what aspects of any technology tool or educational curriculum are best for all learners, whether they are urban, rural, suburban, Latino, hearing impaired, etc.

My future continues to be on a quest to educate – understanding that educating is not restricted to a classroom. When I graduate with my Masters next spring, I will have obtained a key to one of the many locks of advancing individuals in their pursuit of education. For anyone who identifies with me, I will have personally challenged the status quo – pursuing a graduate degree amidst the pressures and expectations that society puts on me and those very feelings that I put on myself.

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