JustJobs Scholarship Scholarship

Calvary Zender, studying Linguistics and Japanese, is a JustJobs Scholarship finalist

calvary zender_2[M]y desired profession was staring at me in the face throughout all of high school, but I did not realize it until my junior year. I took French all through high school, putting little effort forth and yet I received grades better than those who worked for the class. By the time I woke up academically and realized the importance of learning for my future, I was nearly fluent in French. This inspired me, and driven by my newly recognized skill at learning language, as well as encouragement by my peers, I marched forth, taking a Spanish class as well. Yet that was not enough, there were too many similarities in the romance languages; they were too easy. My senior year I took German with my Spanish and French classes and, going out on a limb, I took a Japanese class. I was enamored by Japanese. By the time I received my diploma, I was a multilingual ‘A’ student excited to learn everything Linguistics and Foreign Languages had to offer me, and I decided I would start with Japanese.

To my discontent, I foud that UNM did not yet offer a Japanese major, only a minor. I therefore went straight to Linguistics, taking Japanese classes on the side as my foreign language. I soon helped found a Japanese study group which would eventually become the UNM Japanese club. This club not only celebrates Japanese culture, but also aids Japanese learners so prominently that it gained the attention of the staff and eventually the University itself. Thus, a Japanese major is arriving for Fall 2013, and I may be able to achieve my goal of becoming a foreign relations translator if I can continue to pay for my books. I can still see myself translating a document for a US policymaker or shaking the hand of Naoto Kan, the Japanese Prime Minister as I smile and bow.

I can see myself aiding those outside of the US who need a court translator, and would otherwise not receive a proper hearing. All I wish to do is aid others in their endeavors, small or great, which is why obtaining degrees in Japanese and Linguistics means the world to me.

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