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JustJobs scholarship finalists announced for August 2012 – vote for your favorite essay!

JustJobs is proud to announce the seven finalists for our current scholarship award. We received an unprecedented number of applications for the August 2012 deadline, and the quality of essays was exceptional.  We are very thankful for the registered universities that help us spread the word about our scholarships.

All applicants are graded on the essay which addresses how the applicant chose his/her major, what he/she has accomplished or overcome, and what it means to graduate with his/her chosen degree.  As we read through the essays, we note the student’s passion for area of study, motivation, writing style and how well each essay was crafted.  These seven candidates scored the highest after our review.

Now we need your help in choosing the one scholarship award winner!  The final selection process will involve three different factors – outside voting, comments left by visitors, and JustJobs scholarship committee’s final review of the essays on September 26th.

Please help us with our selection by voting for your favorite essay (Facebook ‘Like’ and other social media sharing options on the left side of the essays) and by leaving comments or clicking on the star icon at the bottom of the page.

Amber Beigay – Speech Language Pathology at Northeastern University – click here to read Amber’s full essay and vote.

“As an AmeriCorps volunteer I lived below the poverty line so that I could work with the children from a place of mutual understanding. Although challenging, that experience has become synergized with my passion to change societal structures that impede equal opportunities for people with communication disorders. I believe that communication disorders create a population of people on the margins of society that need to be served and advocated for, and as a speech-language pathologist I will have the opportunity to do this very justice.” 

Chelsea Brehm – Masters of Business Administration at Duke University – click here to read Chelsea’s full essay and vote.

“In our global economy, it is important to use business to improve the standard of living and to create sustainable prosperity. From expansions in manufacturing to distribution to retail, higher paying jobs are created, thereby improving people’s standard of living. By pursuing my career goals in the industry of consumer brands and products, I can significantly impact economic growth and development across Africa.”

Mounir Fellahi – Economics at University of California Berkeleyclick here to read Mounir’s full essay and vote. 

“Reflecting on my incredible journey from sleeping in the slums of Morocco to sitting in a packed auditorium at UC Berkeley listening to a lecture on international economics with open thoughts and comments from students is a freedom I have grieved to possess. Because economics is so deeply rooted in the wealth and progression of a nation, I sought to understand and wield its potential for good. To represent the better part of my people and country, to educate the youth without regard to class; to confront dictatorial policy and political corruption reinstating jobs and steering the economy towards global prominence.”

Ashley Kempczynski – Law at Georgetown University – click here to read Ashley’s full essay and vote.

“My initial interest in law arose from my early experiences in the court system to escape my abusive father.  Thanks to an army of supportive attorneys and sympathetic judges, we obtained a protection from abuse order and established mandated child support.  I acknowledge that my current position is thanks to the aid of others and the grace of God. Seeing the ability of the legal system to make a difference in the lives of ordinary people has made me want to help others navigate the system.”

Caleb Spiegel – Architecture at Iowa State University – click here to read Caleb’s full essay and vote.

“Through the years, my grandfather and I have finished countless projects in his workshop.  One day, I will inherit the tools lining those sawdust-covered walls.  But the tools I carry with me everyday are of more value than any of these.  I know the knowledge I have gained from my time with my grandfather will provide motivation and bring me success with any situation I face throughout my pursuit and realization of a career in architecture.  It is my promise to uphold his high standards of quality and work ethic in everything I do.”

Jeremy Tran – Biomedical Sciences at University of Central Florida – click here to read Jeremy’s full essay and vote.

“The ultimate goal of biomedical sciences is to better understand human life in hopes to improve it. To graduate with a degree in this field I would fulfill this very objective: to lessen the physical suffering of human life. Through research, I will explore various natural ailments through which humans must endure in hopes to find a cure. This degree is my chance to prove that despite us being a rare cosmic incident, humanity can and will survive whatever obstacles lie ahead.”

David Walker – History at Loyola University Chicago – click here to read David’s full essay and vote.

“My major was chosen, ironically, while canvassing for Barack Obama in 2008. I decided to devote myself to a fuller understanding of my nation’s history – not just out of being able to coherently discuss politics, but I felt it was my responsibility as an American citizen to understand our history. As a result, I’ve decided to make it my major, and look forward to teaching history upon the completion of my academic career.”