The MHS Story

Milton Hershey School is a cost-free, private school for boys and girls in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Milton and Catherine Hershey founded the school in 1909 with money they earned from the chocolate company. Since then, the lives of more than 10,000 children from lower-income families have been transformed through high-quality education and structured home life.

mhs quoteMilton Hershey School History
Milton Hershey School began as a dream and vision shared by chocolate magnate Milton S. Hershey and his wife, Catherine (Kitty). The Hersheys loved children but were unable to have their own. Instead, they decided to use their wealth to create a home and school for orphaned boys. The history of Milton Hershey School dates back to its founding on Nov. 15, 1909.

A Gift to Change the World
The Hersheys’ original idea for a school has grown since 1909. While our mission remains the same, curriculum and programs at MHS have evolved to meet the changing needs of low-income families. In 2020, we expanded our impact when we announced the creation of Catherine Hershey Schools for Early Learning, a subsidiary of MHS focused on early education. See where it all started.

Leading MHS into a Second Century
Built on the generosity of Milton and Catherine Hershey, Milton Hershey School thrives today thanks to strong school leadership and vision. Learn about the people, plans, and corporate support that sustain the Hersheys’ dream of creating a school that will “exist forever.”

We are proud to be #110YearsandCounting!

Mission and Sacred Values

Our Guiding Principles
In keeping with the school’s Deed of Trust, Milton Hershey School nurtures and educates children in social and financial need to lead fulfilling and productive lives. This happens by achieving our mission and Sacred Values—an unwavering commitment our community makes each and every day.

Mission Statement
The mission of Milton Hershey School remains true to the ideals upon which it was founded more than 90 years ago…

In keeping with Milton and Catherine Hershey’s Deed of Trust, Milton Hershey School nurtures and educates children in social and financial need to live fulfilling and productive lives.

Milton Hershey valued loyalty, honesty, respect, and integrity. He expected both students and employees to uphold these values. Even the first school viewbook, dating back to 1912, emphasizes character.

This commitment still stands today in the form of our MHS Sacred Values. For each of the four Sacred Values, MHS expects its community to demonstrate essential behaviors, known as our “I” statements.

Commitment to Mission

  • I set goals and work hard to achieve them.
  • I follow the School Pledge.
  • I represent our school with pride.
  • I participate whole-heartedly in campus life.


  • I make good decisions.
  • I do what I say I will do.
  • I tell the truth and do not gossip.
  • I accept responsibility for my actions.

Positive Spirit

  • I demonstrate a strong work ethic by going above and beyond.
  • I encourage and work well with others.
  • I engage actively in solving problems.
  • I remain flexible and optimistic during difficult times.

Mutual Respect

  • I seek to understand the viewpoints of others.
  • I listen and communicate with courtesy.
  • I recognize the strengths and contributions of others.
  • I live by the Golden Rule.

Our Commitment to Equal Opportunity and Diversity in Education

Milton Hershey School is committed to providing equal opportunity in all programs and services, including admissions, and to compliance with all applicable laws. Qualified students are eligible for admission regardless of race, color, national or ethnic origin, ancestry, sex, religious creed or disability.

Milton Hershey School is also deeply committed to diversity. Our appreciation of diversity is rooted in our Sacred Values of integrity, positive spirit, commitment to mission, and mutual respect. Diversity training is mandatory for all adults. But we also believe that students need exposure to diverse individuals, cultures, ideas, and viewpoints to develop the 21st Century skills needed for success in today’s global marketplace.

Careers Worth Every Minute

Working at Milton Hershey School is much more than a job. Each employee helps shape the lives of the students we serve. Every position at the school is designed to help our students thrive on campus and beyond. If that sounds fulfilling to you, MHS may be the perfect place for your next career move.

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