Infinite Campus builds information technology software that helps K12 districts manage their daily operations. From the classroom to the lunchroom to the home, Infinite Campus products make the daily lives of students, parents and administrators easier, more efficient and more fun. Our customers include 2,000 school districts across the United States. Collectively, our products support more than 7 million students.

Infinite Campus peopleAs a forward-thinking company, Infinite Campus takes our software development beyond a student information system. We create tools for learning management in the classroom, cafeteria operations, emergency messaging and more. Because these tools are all integrated in one system, Infinite Campus drives efficiency and opportunity within school districts.

Why work here?
Choosing where to work is a big deal. Choosing where to build a career might be even bigger. Beyond the competitive pay and comprehensive benefits (and free lunches!) Infinite Campus is a place where smart, talented people work with other smart and talented people every day. It’s an environment where people take pride in their craft knowing that what they work on will be used by millions of teachers, students, parents and school administrators tomorrow.

We’re always looking for talented people like you to join our team.

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