7/27/23 Employer Webinar: Breaking Bias: Using AI to Improve Diversity and Inclusion in Performance Management

Fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce that drives innovation, creativity, and performance is essential, yet measuring and promoting diversity and inclusion (D&I) in your performance management practices can be a challenge. Join CheeTung, from EngageRocket, as he explores how to utilize generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) to break bias and improve D&I in performance management.


Discussion Topics:

– Highlight the challenges of measuring and promoting D&I and how AI can overcome these challenges.

– Benefits and limitations of using AI in performance management.

– How AI can be used to identify and mitigate bias in performance management processes.

– Best practices for using AI to drive D&I outcome


Speaker: CheeTung Leong
Co-Founder | EngageRocket


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