11/14/23 Employer Webinar: Navigating Accessibility in Talent Acquisition – Part 2: Retention

Part two of this webinar series will focus on best practices for accessibility in employee retention processes. Join Daryn Harpaz, CEO, and Juliette Alexandria, Senior Accessibility Analyst, of Zenyth Group as they discuss organizational policies and procedures around retention, accommodations requests, and organizational software and hardware.


Discussion Topics:
  • Organizational policies and procedures that support inclusivity and accessibility.
  • Understand the process around requesting accommodations.
  • Explore different types of accommodations available & what is considered “reasonable.”
  • Accessible organizational software and hardware for HR, training systems, communications, conference room technology and more.



David Cohen

CEO | Zenyth Group

Juliette Alexandria

Senior Accessibility Analyst | Zenyth Group


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