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Top Part-Time Work-From-Home Jobs in 2023

At the height of the pandemic, approximately 27.6 million people were working from home. Though a return to normalcy was pushed, the benefits of remote employment were too good for workers to want to give up. Studies confirm this, with 68% of Americans preferring to work from home. As such, it should come as no surprise that search queries for part-time work-from-home jobs have remained steady. 

As experts predict that 36 million Americans will be working from home by 2025, there’s no better time to go over the top part-time work-from-home jobs available in 2023 and beyond. 


Remote Employment Stats

Before we dive into the list of the top part-time work-from-home jobs that already are – and will continue to trend – in 2023, it’s wise to understand why these jobs are going to be in such high demand. 

For the most part, remote employment was looked down on in years past because of the stigma that it held. The stigma around remote workers was that they took advantage of being unsupervised. In other words, remote workers didn’t work. 

Thankfully, though, once the COVID-19 pandemic happened his stigma was quickly assuaged. One study from Prodoscore found that remote workers were 47% more productive than they were in the office, especially between the hours of 10:30 am and 3:00 pm Tuesday – Thursday. 

This schedule is an important thing to take note of, especially when you consider more people are actively searching for part-time jobs to help achieve a better work-life balance.  

what are the top part-time work-from-home remote jobs in 2023

Best Part-Time Remote Jobs in 2023

The hustle and grind are no longer attractive to today’s employees, as the majority of the workforce now comprises Millennials (aged 27 – 42) and incoming Gen Z’ers (aged 26 and under). 

Striking a work-life balance is more important than ever before to these generations. Plus, the market is booming with surprisingly lucrative side gigs, while also offering an element of creative freedom and autonomy – i.e. Etsy, content creation, influencer marketing, Poshmark, etc. 

As such, the best part-time, remote jobs to look for are going to include flexibility, creativity, and, whether good or bad, a big, big focus on the internet and social media. 

Here are the top 5 jobs you may want to consider if you’re looking to work from home 30 hours or less: 


1. Digital or Online Marketing

The retail industry, and any industry if we’re being honest, would be non-existent without digital or online marketing. 

Digital marketing is the process of developing a strategy to get more eyes on a business. It includes web design, coding, content creation, and social media strategies. Many digital marketing companies never step foot in an office and for good reason – they don’t have to!

All client-facing meetings can be done over Zoom, as can weekly roundups with the rest of the marketing team to develop comprehensive strategies. Currently, a search for remote digital marketing yields 3,226 results on Indeed, highlighting just how in demand they are. 


2. Content Writer

If you love to write and have basic skills, you can find a part-time job as a remote content writer. Content writers can find jobs in a variety of places, including but not limited to Indeed, LinkedIn, and Upwork. 

As a content writer, you will not only be able to do what you love, but you get to exercise those creative muscles. Have you ever tried writing about mold remediation for a client? It takes immense creativity to turn that topic into something someone wants to read!

Best of all, this part-time job allows you to pick and choose which client you want to work with and designate your own hours, giving you a greater work-life balance. 

Plus, everything you write can serve as your portfolio if and when you decide to pursue a full-time writing career down the line. 


3. Web Developer

We’re beginning to sense a theme here…

That’s because the workforce is so reliant on the digital-sphere! As briefly mentioned above, a web developer is an essential part of a digital marketing team. While you can certainly join a digital marketing company, you also can work on a contractual or even freelance basis. 

This means that your schedule is completely up to you. You work when you want to work! As a web developer, you need to have strong knowledge of UX and UI design, as well as front and back-end coding. As the need for digital marketing grows, so does the need for web developers. 

And, since these jobs are in such high demand, you may be able to work out a part-time, remote schedule even if the company you’re applying for prefers everyone to be back in the office. 


4. Customer Service Representative

It would be very easy to tailor this entire list to marketing and online-related jobs, however, maybe that’s not the right fit for you. Though you’re working remotely, you prefer to have a job that’s client-facing and interactive. As such, a customer service representative role may be just the ticket!

In the post-pandemic era, customer service is more important than ever before. With many businesses switching to a remote model, the need for businesses to have someone there to provide supportive services to customers is critical to strengthening brand loyalty. 

As a customer service representative, you have your pick of industries, including medical, technological, cyber security, retail, and hospitality. To succeed in this role, you will have to possess a strong comprehension of computers, including e-tickets and chats,  and demonstrate people skills. 

Working in customer service isn’t always easy, so knowing how to listen to people and get to the root of their problems is key. If you possess these soft skills, you’re golden. 


5. HR Recruiter

Another industry that is looking to hire part-time, remote workers is human resources. The human resources department plays a vital role in the operation of a company. However, one of the most important roles is the role of the recruiter. 

A recruiter is responsible for finding candidates to fill open positions. They are often the first line of defense, so to speak, in meeting the candidate before passing them off to the hiring supervisor. 

The reason why recruitment is suitable for remote employment has to do with how recruiters find candidates. Recruiters utilize online platforms like LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, and Indeed. In addition to this, they may also scour local online job boards, and, depending on the kind of role they are filling, look to freelance websites to find contract workers. 

Because their work is mainly done online or via Zoom calls, it’s easy to succeed in an online, work-from-home role.

what are the top part-time work-from-home remote jobs in 2023

Remote Employment is Going to Rule 2023 and It’s Only Going to Continue to Grow

While this isn’t an exhaustive list, these are just a few of the top part-time, work-from-home jobs available in 2023. Despite the push for in-person work, the demand for remote employment and greater work-life balance is only going to gain more steam as we head into the latter months of 2023 and beyond. 

With this list, you can see what’s available and develop the skills you need to succeed.