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6 "P's" For Veterans Returning To the Workforce

Transitioning from the military back into regular civilian life can be difficult, especially when it comes to finding a job. For starters, you will have to look for positions that are suited to your skills, and this process can take months. You will need to draft a resume, submit applications, and attend interviews. When you’re working a regular 9 to 5 schedule, things will be quite different from how they were in the military. Still, your time in the service has shown that you can face challenges, and this is just the next challenge to overcome. While in the military, you may have come across the 5 P’s – Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance. Similarly, when returning to the workforce, there are 6 P’s that will ensure that you have a successful career. Let’s take a look:


After serving in the military, you are sure to be aware of the importance of proper planning. So, when planning your next career move, take a look at some potential industries and try to find one where your skills and expertise will come in handy. When you find an industry that you would like to work in, it is time to start searching for organizations that are hiring. Remember, each organization has specific requirements, so it is best to customize your resume based on where you are applying.


Some interviewers (wrongly) believe that military veterans have poor interpersonal skills. Disprove this myth by showing that you are articulate and respectful. Always be courteous and polite during interviews, as well as to your colleagues and managers once you’re hired. Once you’re on the job, you will find that it pays to maintain a good relationship with your colleagues and managers. This will help you collaborate with others effectively and land some great references down the line.


Thanks to your time in the military, you probably understand the importance of discipline better than most people. In the corporate world, this is called ‘professionalism’, and being professional at all times will greatly improve your career prospects. Be sure to report to work on time and meet the deadlines set by your manager. By maintaining a great professional image, you’ll be able to move up quickly in the corporate world.

Personal Appearance

You have to look your best during the interview, and project a good image after being hired. Your appearance should go beyond simply what you wear, as you should always be conscious of how you present yourself to your colleagues. Besides being courteous and polite, you need to show employers that you are confident and capable. Maintaining a good personal image can go a long way towards achieving this.


Landing a job that is suited to your skills and qualifications can be a long and arduous process, and you need a lot of willpower to accomplish this. Once you’ve found the right job, you need to carry out your tasks effectively to gain the recognition that you deserve. Simply identifying a job that you want is not enough – you need to dedicate yourself to excel in the position to achieve true career growth. Consider taking a class to learn the additional skills required for the job. Push yourself to do your best each day, and you will find success in the corporate world.


Patience and perseverance go hand in hand. During your search for the right job, you will encounter many hurdles along the way. When this happens, it will be important for you to maintain your composure and keep pushing until you find what you’re looking for. On the job, you might be working with people who have difficulty understanding your needs. Be patient with them, explain yourself, and let them know how they can help.


These are the 6 P’s that veterans transitioning to the civilian workforce should be aware of. Your time in the military probably exposed you to many of these values, and you will need to continue maintaining them as you transition to a civilian lifestyle. So, keep these points in mind and you will be sure to find success in the corporate world.