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What millions of Google searches for ‘jobs’​ indicate about diversity

Did you know there are millions of searches every month for ‘jobs’ on Google?

Naturally, people use search terms that match their interests and experience, with phrases like ‘engineering jobs’ or ‘jobs in finance.’ And it’s no surprise that people often add geographical factors to narrow the results, such as ‘in Dallas,’ ‘near me,’ or ‘remote.’

What’s intriguing is that job seekers also use terms that identify their backgrounds and that reveal truths about themselves. We know this because web analytics allow us to see how many people are using phrases like ‘diversity jobs,’ ‘jobs for Hispanics,’ ‘African American jobs,’ ‘jobs for Asians,’ ‘bilingual jobs,’ ‘multicultural jobs,’ ‘jobs for women,’ ‘LGBT jobs,’ ‘disability jobs,’ etc.

These millions of searches reveal three critical components of job search:

These searches are being conducted on Google – not on the big, Name-Brand job search sites. Maybe it’s just convenient to Google-search. Or perhaps job seekers are looking for alternatives to general job sites with millions of other candidates, and they want to stand out from the crowd.
Job seekers are searching for more meaningful careers that match who they are as unique individuals. People don’t run searches for ‘jobs’ along with diverse terms – ‘veteran,’ ‘women,’ ‘LGBT,’ or ‘people of color’ – unless that is who they are and what they care about projecting.
These searches make it clear that job seekers are hoping to land that next opportunity with a diversity-friendly employer in an inclusive environment.

That’s the reason for

Our mission is to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace by creating a space where job seekers can start meaningful careers with employers who value diversity.

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