working with taylor strategy partners

At the heart of TSP, is a deeply-rooted passion for people. We are highly specialized life science talent acquisition professionals who refer to our business as “the people business,” because at the heart of every phone call, interview or email, is our desire to improve the lives our candidates and ultimately, patients everywhere.

We know you care about the work your name is attached to. We know that there are very specific things that motivate you, make you tick. Whether it’s a passion for patients, an ambitious career path or pride on your loved one’s face, we want to help fulfill those very personal endeavors.

We’ve always prioritized a white-glove candidate experience. That means a lot of listening on our end. It also means transparency, integrity and representation with your best interest in mind. We are very aware that interviewing is a two-way street. It’s not just about the client’s needs, it’s also about yours, so we seek to get to know you in your truest form—to ensure the work you do and the organization you join, will align with your values and lifestyle.

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