Chances are you’re here because the status quo just doesn’t cut it. Or maybe you’re here simply seeking that next great career adventure. Regardless, we’re glad you are! At Synoptek we are always on the lookout for people with an entrepreneurial spirit, and a growth-oriented mindset. We recognize the key to executing world-class performance is tied directly to our ability to engage the brightest, and most passionate employees we can find.

At Synoptek, we are visionaries on and off the clock. Stop by any day of the week and chances are you’ll find us celebrating a recent win over a pint, competing in softball games, or hungrily hovering around the break room waffle maker. With offices spanning the United States, Canada and India, our employee events, shared projects and sense of team bring us together to create a unique culture. This culture is key to our DNA and to our ability to deliver success for ourselves, and the clients we support. When you peel back the layers, it really comes down to two things: boundless opportunity, and extraordinary people.

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