JustJobs Scholarship Scholarship

JustJobs Announces New Scholarship Winner

[W]e are proud to announce that Stephanie Sammons has won our December 2012 JustJobs Scholarship award.

Stephanie’s essay was moving and beautifully written.  She is a prime example of perseverance and selflessness as she uses her talents and experience to benefit others.  After overcoming a traumatic brain injury suffered during an automobile accident, Stephanie pieced her life back together and recently began an unpaid practicum at the local Children’s Hospital to lead therapeutic art projects in the pediatric ward.  stephsammonsShe is currently enrolled in the Therapeutic Recreation program at Eastern Washington University, and will then secure the national certification for a career in Art Therapy, where she “will help others find the same comfort, healing, and sense of achievement” that she found in art courses.  

The nine finalists Stephanie Sammons, Sarah Katz, Rebecca Nagurney, Natalie Sabillon, Allen Gomez, Stephanie Dominguez, Gina Valerio, and Derrek Coleman – were selected from thousands of other applicants for their dedication to learning, desire to make a positive impact on the world, and how their incredible stories have helped mold their future career paths.  All the applicants should feel very proud of their noble pursuits.

We want to thank our site visitors and all who voted to help us select a winner.   The support shown through positive comments left for these students affirms both their career paths and the wonderful impact they already have on the lives of others.  

To apply for the next JustJobs Scholarship, visit the scholarship page and check if your school has registered for the program.