Inspired by her adoptive parents, nursing student is driven to care for others

Amanda McDonald DJ[T]here is a Chinese proverb that states, “An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstances”. My biological parents abandoned me at a hospital because I had a chest cold–and possibly, as I was born in China, because I was a girl. From that moment on, my life drastically changed direction, and so far, it has been a marvelous journey.

I am extremely grateful for the path my life has taken, and it is my dream to give others the love and care that my adoptive parents have provided me. Because I’ve been fortunate to grow up with my needs attended to and have not faced any adverse conflicts that would’ve prevented me from becoming a nurse, I feel an obligation to help others. Life often causes people to face unexpected situations that can inflict pain and heartache; as a future nurse, I hope to offer compassion to my patients.

I want to be the kind of nurse who can hear what my patients are saying, even when they are unable to express themselves well. Just as important, I want my patients to be able to count on me to provide accuracy and professionalism. With the increased responsibility that nurses across the country are being entrusted with, I feel like I can make a greater impact than ever before. By the time I graduate with my BSN, I hope that I have been challenged academically and mentally while still being given career-based and extra-curricular opportunities. I hope to become the best possible nurse I can through my upcoming rigorous courses and clinical rotations, and I desire to immerse myself in knowledge that spans from nursing-related material to humanities classes as well.

Once I receive my BSN, I plan on taking full advantage of all the career options that are presented to nurses. Graduating with a college degree will be a paramount moment in my life because the diploma will represent that all my hard work has really paid off. I desire to become a surgical nurse who works in the operating room. I enjoy the faster pace in the operating room because I feel like I can make a direct, immediate, and positive impact on patients’ lives. I had the opportunity to scrub in on a sinus surgery at my local hospital, and it was amazing to see how the surgeon and the nurses interacted with each other. They were calm and talkative, yet focused. I consider myself to be very focused and goal-oriented, so I believe I would thrive in this type of environment. After I gain a few years of experience, I hope to receive a Master of Science in Nurse Anesthesia in order to become a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA). This occupation requires immense responsibility, but I have always been accountable for my actions.

I feel that my past is having a direct impact on my future. My “red thread” is leading me back to working in a hospital, this time helping others instead of being the three-month-old baby who needed help.  No matter what type of nurse I become, my goal as a nurse is to give back to others who are in need of help; I’d like to make a positive impact on my patients’ lives. I already consider myself to be trustworthy, reliable, and caring, but I feel that my college experience—academic and social—will only amplify these characteristics. It would be an honor for me to receive your scholarship because, like the Diversity Jobs Scholarship, I would love to make a greater difference in people’s lives so they can achieve their dreams.

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