Hoping to serve as a doctor in a rural, underserved community

I intend to graduate with a B.S. degree in Biology with an emphasis in physiology and a B.A. degree in Education, Communities, and Organizations from the University of Washington-Seattle Campus. My plans after college are to apply to medical school, with the hope of one day serving a rural, underserved community. I have chosen this combination of majors because biological science and learning theory deeply intrigue me. Learning about bringing equity into communities and being able to bring in my science background to this experience would be eye-opening and rewarding. I hope to put all the lessons learned into practice in my future career as a physician. As a doctor, I would love to work with children. Knowing how to work with them and being able to relate to their everyday life is something I aspire to do successfully.
I experienced firsthand a need for Hispanic and Spanish-speaking doctors in my home community. While accompanying my mom, who struggles with the English language, to our local Union Gospel Mission medical center, I noticed how the doctors struggled to communicate with their predominantly Hispanic patients. Shortly after that encounter, I started volunteering as a medical translator twice a week at the UGM medical center. A physician who can speak their patients’ first language and empathize with their adversities is critical to helping patients of all cultures feel comfortable while receiving medical care. These experiences have led me to understand the critical role of doctors and their potential to positively impact a patient’s life and to further confirm and gain confidence in my interest in pursuing a medical career.
The phrase “carrying books is easier than carrying rocks” has an edge of truth in my family’s life. I am an immigrant and a first-generation college student. I have learned that despite the background you come from, your dreams and goals can come true if you have the willpower to make them happen. Your own hard work and perseverance, mixed with a positive attitude, are key to making them a reality. I carry this knowledge close to my heart, not only in respect to my education but also in every aspect of my life. That is why I believe that as a college student I can thrive in a new environment that is both educationally and culturally enriching while also contributing to it. I would benefit greatly from this scholarship. Your contribution would eliminate the mental and financial stress of paying for tuition, housing, and books so I could contribute to my fullest potential to my campus. Thank you for your consideration.
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