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Salesforce helps companies connect with their customers in a whole new way. We are blazing new trails in enterprise software every day while focusing on our mission of improving the state of the world.

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Life at Salesforce centers around our Ohana values: Trust, Growth, Innovation, Equality, Customer Success, Transparency, Giving Back, Wellbeing, and Fun. These values make us uniquely Salesforce.

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Members of our Ohana enjoy great pay and perks, but they also value the opportunity to learn from some of the most passionate and driven people in the industry, grow their career with us, and give back.

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DiversityJobs interview with Salesforce Office of Equity

What does diversity mean to Salesforce and why is it important for your organization? Can you provide some real examples?
Equality is a core value at Salesforce, along with Customer Success, Trust and Innovation. It’s in everything that we do because we believe that businesses can be powerful platforms for social change and that our higher purpose is to drive Equality for all. We’ve seen time and time again that the most successful and satisfied employees are those that feel they can bring their full, authentic self to work and not leave a part of their identity at the door.

One way we create this culture of equality and belonging is through our 12 Employee Resource Groups, or Ohana Groups as we call them. Employees can come and meet other employees from similar backgrounds or intersections. But it doesn’t end there — we have a strong culture of Allies in which anyone can be part of an Ohana group and stand up to be an ally. We ask all our employees to be an Ally for each other by following these four simple steps: ask, listen, show up, and speak up. No matter where you are on your ally journey, we encourage our employees to practice one of these steps and make a difference.

Tell us about any special programs you have to promote diversity and inclusion at Salesforce. What are some of the benefits you’ve found these programs provide to current and prospective employees?
Our Ohana groups and Ally programs are essential to creating and cultivating a sense of belonging and psychological safety among our employees. Salesforce is also a very event-based company and we’re very active in our community. We rally around key moments in time — Martin Luther King Day, Lunar New Year, Pride to name a few — and the respective Ohana groups will host events to commentate the date. For example, in 2017, it was the first time Salesforce employees attended the MLK march in San Francisco as members of the Ohana group BOLDforce, or Black Organization for Leadership and Development. All together, there were 100 people from Salesforce. The following year, there were 1,100 African-American/Black employees and allies from Salesforce. This creates a sense of acceptance and belonging when returning to work after seeing allies rally around this Ohana group.

What are some keys to attracting and retaining the best diverse talent?
Salesforce is all about culture — we don’t focus on attracting and hiring cultural fits, but cultural adds. Our employees are valued for their multi-faceted identities and we work hard to create a safe place for all employees. In terms of retaining talent, we partner with our employees along their career paths via our numerous Workforce Development programs. This allows employees to learn new skills or hone existing ones as they progress along their journey here at Salesforce. This investment in our employees is key to cultivating long-lasting and thriving relationships.

We’ve seen the most successful organizations have diversity and inclusion as a top-to-bottom business strategy as opposed to solely an HR program. How have you found that to be true?
At Salesforce, we empower all of our employees to be equality champions. 1 in 2 of our employees are part of one or more Ohana Groups, and our allyship programs help to build connections across our diverse workforce.

Many industries historically have some disparity or under-representation between demographics in the workforce compared to the general population. How is Salesforce changing that narrative in your industry?
At Salesforce, we believe in leading with a spirit of transparency and accountability. That’s why, we share our hiring statistics on our website every year in order to track our path toward a more diverse workforce. We know there is still a way to go before we reach equality in our industry, but this is a journey we are all on.

What makes Salesforce a great place to work/build a career?
At Salesforce, we invest in our employees whole being. Through our generous health care benefits and perks, to our various Workforce Development Programs and Volunteer Time Off — we consider the whole person who comes to work everyday. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is key to creating a great place to work. We’re thankful for being recognized as a the

#1 on the Fortune ‘World’s Best Workplaces’ List, #1 on the Fortune “100 Best Companies to Work For®” List, LinkedIn Top Companies – Where the U.S. Wants To Work Now and more.

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