Peabody Essex Museum

Founded in 1799 in Salem, Massachusetts, 15 miles from Boston, the Peabody Essex Museum is the oldest continuously operating museum in the United States. Now among the top 8% of American art museums, PEM is also one of the nation’s fastest growing art museums and operates on a global stage in terms of networks, partners, and patronage.

Art museums are fabulous places to work. There’s the art, of course. Plus the artists, cultural programs, art making, film series and workshops. At the Peabody Essex Museum, there’s even more. Every employee in every department contributes to the PEM experience. Every person helps fulfill the museum’s mission to celebrate outstanding artistic and cultural creativity in ways that transform people’s lives.

PEM recently embarked on a new phase of a growth and investment that demands the most creative and innovative individuals. Help us continue our unrivaled tradition of success as we create a new 21st-century art museum experience.

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