Celebrate Diversity With Us. Be Inclusive.

We are talented, passionate and driven by our distinct mission to heal, unify and enlighten the world. Our community is diverse, guided by our core values and excited about you joining our team. Your path to a fulfilling career at Notre Dame begins here.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion arises from our aspirations about the community we want to be, the educational environment we hope to provide our students, and the moral character they will develop during their time with us. It goes to the heart of our mission, to who we are and to what we want to be.

Respect the dignity of every person.

We affirm the transcendent dignity and worth of every human person, from conception to natural death, regardless of race, nationality or ethnic group, religious tradition, gender, socioeconomic class, immigration status, sexual orientation, or anything else.

Build a Notre Dame community in which all can flourish.

Human beings are inescapably social, and the flourishing of each individual is possible only in a social context in which we each have responsibilities to others and others have reciprocal responsibilities to us. Together, we strive to realize the common good — that which enables any sort of community and its members to flourish individually and collectively.

Live in solidarity with all, particularly the most vulnerable.

We are called to live in solidarity with all people, which arises from recognizing that the well- being of each person is a concern for us all. We are all, in one way or another, our sister’s and brother’s keeper. Solidarity demands that we strive to overcome fragmentation and separation to see the deeper unity we share with all people.