Mosaic makes the modern home possible by providing financing to homeowners for home improvement projects, including generating and storing their own solar energy as well as other energy efficient upgrades. Mosaic empowers solar and home improvement professionals to deliver financing through a simple point-of-sale app creating a hassle-free and positive experience for the both the contractor and homeowner.

We’re on a mission to revolutionize two of the biggest industries in the world: energy and finance. We’re looking for purpose-driven individuals to help make it happen.

We focus on the integration of doing good (for the planet) and doing well (financially). We value the well-being of our colleagues, and provide benefits that help us work with joy. These benefits include a monthly commuter allowance, generous paid time off policies, free gym membership, and 100% employee health coverage. Plus, lunch brought in three days a week and a cabinet filled with healthy snacks.

But above all else, we are passionate about using the power of business to have a significant impact on climate change, one of the biggest challenges of our lifetime.

Let’s work on it together.