MCPHS has a rich history and heritage. But the MCPHS of today is a stunningly modern learning environment.

While we’re proud of our past, it’s the future that really excites us. We now have campuses in Boston, Worcester, and Manchester. Campus life in each location has its own distinct atmosphere, and in each area, we play an important and unique role in our local community.

mcphs historyThe way we work establishes many connections. We’re committed to being a leading partner to the healthcare sector. So on every campus, you’ll find we’ve built strong partnerships with other healthcare institutions, practitioners, and providers.

These partnerships create exciting and unique opportunities for the people who work here. We’re not isolated on our campuses; we’re integrated into the healthcare sector and helping to deliver the most forward-thinking research. The projects we engage in attract the brightest in our sector, and the University provides the platform for truly interdisciplinary teamwork. Each of our campuses is a launchpad for new ideas, new directions, and talented new pioneers in the sector.

We’re shaping a University to meet the demands of healthcare in the future. That means creating campuses to attract the finest talent in the healthcare sector—both to study and to teach here. It means investing in our facilities to encourage everyone to fulfill their potential—both students and employees. It means embracing dynamic, evolving, and open-minded thinking—across campuses, across projects, across disciplines—to help advance the healthcare profession.


MCPHS prepares graduates to advance health worldwide through excellence, innovation, and collaboration in teaching, practice, scholarship, and research and to transform the communities that they will serve.

Working at MCPHS

Your knowledge is a foundation for a great career.

mcphs facultyKnowledge is prized here, and people who can share it are valued highly. You’ll work with a professionally diverse peer group that shares your dedication to engaging, mentoring, and developing the next generation of healthcare professionals. You’ll be among colleagues with integrity, professionalism, and passion—individuals who are just as keen to work with and support others as they are to develop their own reputations.

At MCPHS, faculty members are encouraged to explore new avenues. They are inspired to innovate, lead, and think critically. It’s one of the reasons why we have been able to establish such a strong presence in global healthcare. We have a strong international reputation in place to build from and many of our faculty have opportunities to travel internationally, to share ideas with other universities, provide consultation on program development and to address issues at the forefront of world health.

Our Corporate Culture

The three qualities that make us who we are.

  1. Innovation
    Innovation with a purpose. It’s the only way to describe how we work. We’re steeped in a rich history of leadership in education, scholarship, and service. Yet we’re future facing too, expanding our horizons and our campuses through a balanced and considered strategy for growth. Talented people will play a vital role in this future, just as they have through every milestone in our innovative development.
  2. Inspiration
    We find that our people are inspired by shared experiences. It’s one of the most important reasons talent moves in our direction. Here, you’ll find an organization that is nonhierarchical, a culture that works cross-functionally, and campuses that are connected and involved with each other. It’s a satisfying, productive working environment, not driven by unnecessary process but guided by individual autonomy and initiative.
  3. mcphs careers

  4. Motivation
    Whether you join us as faculty or staff, we’re looking for a distinctive type of motivation. You could sum it up as the desire to affect the future of healthcare. We look for people who are inspired by our longer-term vision and equally engaged and invigorated by the immediate opportunities in their role and in the broader campus life around them. MCPHS is a truly dynamic, evolving, and vital place. It’s a place to build knowledge, grow a network of peers, and achieve great things in a rewarding, important field.

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