Established over 100 years ago to serve the public health interests of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, MassBiologics, a division of the University of Massachusetts Medical School, develops and manufactures vaccines and other biologic products. Located in Boston and Fall River, it is one of only a few publicly operated, FDA-licensed vaccine manufacturing facilities in the country, and is the only one of its kind still operated by a state government.

MassBiologics offers an exciting and rewarding work environment that provides its employees the opportunity to contribute to advancements in therapeutics from bench to bedside. We have a proven track record of clinical success for unmet medical needs around the globe.


We take pride in building a culture where employees are valued for their work towards our mission and challenged to contribute in new and innovative ways.

Our organization has both a broad and deep range of expertise and we are always looking for talented individuals who can enhance our teams’ capabilities in new product research, process development, cGMP biologics manufacturing, quality control & quality assurance, clinical & regulatory affairs, finance, IT, business development, and administration.