We are Chicago’s Jesuit, Catholic University-a diverse community seeking God in all things and working to expand knowledge in the service of humanity through learning, justice and faith.


Loyola University Chicago is the school of choice for those who wish to seek new knowledge in the service of humanity in a world-renowned urban center as members of a diverse learning community that values freedom of inquiry, the pursuit of truth and care for others.


The end goal of Diversity on our campuses is not simply a representation of the beauty of “otherness,” of diversity. Rather, we recognize a common unity that anchors and enlivens our commitment to inclusion and creates brave spaces for dialogue to happen, through initiatives that educate the masses. We will hold ourselves accountable to this intentional vision through fostering an integrated society. We will do so with the wisdom that each member of our student, faculty, and staff community brings their own unique perspectives, strengths, and critical inquiries to serve our mission. We will continuously evaluate our commitment to diversity through conscious engagement with its manifestation across the local and global world we live in today.

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